Fake It Or Leave It

Fake Label Records: Fake It Or Leave It: Vol. 1

Fake Label Records is a fairly new label put up by buddies, Tim Held and Justin Foss. Focusing on acts from the Pacific Northwest, the label is fairly small and follows a DIY approach when it comes to promoting and getting music out there. Fake It or Leave It: Vol. 1 is their first compilation and it smoothly showcases all the talented artists under the label as well as a couple of works from Tim and Justin. It's an exciting journey between punk, rock, indie, alternative and even pop that gives listeners a picture of what the label is all about.

Backgrounds Wallpapers HD

Backgrounds Wallpapers HD from Izi Labs is a handy little manager that can certainly help you find all the latest wallpapers for Windows. It updates daily, so every time you open your Windows device there’ll be something new waiting for your desktop.


OpenTTD is an open source business / transport simulation game based on the classic Transport Tycoon games. The difference is that this game is free courtesy of the OpenTTD Team. While the game is inspired by Transport Tycoon, OpenTTD offers more in terms of features. It’s your job to choose the routes so your cities get the services and goods they need, and that’s just for starters.